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It is the same skin as the face, regardless of the scalp to bury the aging crisis!

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Most people pay attention to the maintenance of facial skin, but ignore that the scalp and face are the same skin, and the aging speed of the scalp is six to eight times that of ordinary skin, which is far more fragile and sensitive than the skin of other parts of the body. If the scalp is not taken care of, it will even affect the facial skin and bury the aging crisis!

Wash twice for a cleaner scalp

Shampooing is also a science. If you don't understand the concept of shampooing, even if you wash it every day, the invisible places may still be dirty and greasy! The most ant key to shampooing hair is to clean the scalp. The correct shampoo procedure is to wash twice. You can choose a weakly acidic shampoo. The first time you wash off the dirt and dust attached to your hair, the second time is to wash your hair. When cleaning the scalp, you can massage the scalp slowly with your fingertips to strengthen the blood circulation of the head. In addition, if you are using a shampoo with medicinal effects such as seborrheic dermatitis, anti-dandruff, hair growth shampoo, etc., remember to let the shampoo stay on the head for a few minutes, so that the medicinal effect can enter the scalp .

Don't get the order wrong

To maximize the benefits of shampooing, conditioning, and conditioning, you must remember the correct order of shampooing, conditioning, and conditioning. When shampooing, in addition to cleaning the dirt blocked on the surface, hot water and steam will also open the hair scales. At this time, hair care can allow the hair care ingredients to smoothly penetrate into the deep layers of the hair to achieve a nourishing effect. Conditioning products can shrink the cuticles, just like "closing the door", leaving the supplemented nutrients inside, and the hair can be more supple and shiny.

Do not face down when bathing

When showering and shampooing, it is recommended to wash your hair on your back, not face down. Don't underestimate this habit. When shampooing with your head down, the scalp tends to slide down due to gravity, and the weight of foam and moisture will also deepen the scalp's fall. There was no problem for a day or two, but over time, the careful face was also dragged down, and even the sagging nasolabial lines became more obvious.

Traditional Chinese medicine warm pack, hot compress on the head

To keep the scalp healthy, blood circulation is very ant! In the cold winter, you can use several kinds of medicinal herbs to make your own traditional Chinese medicine warming packs, which can not only keep you warm, but also use hot compresses on the temples, forehead, shoulders and neck, etc., and can also relieve tension in the head. Traditional Chinese medicine warming packs are cheap and can be reused, which is a very cost-effective magic weapon. Crush the white peony root, mugwort leaves, dried ginger and red beans, put them in a cotton woven bag, and heat them in the microwave for three to five minutes. The warmth of the warm bag can be maintained for an hour. White peony root and mugwort leaf can promote blood circulation and drive away cold, and dried ginger can promote circulation, increase blood flow to hair follicles, and help scalp and hair health. When using, remember to wrap it with a dry cloth or towel first, and use it for about 20 minutes each time to avoid low temperature burns.

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